Vaccinations Can Cause Autism & Neurodegenerative Diseases

Vaccinations and Heavy Metal & Chemical Neurotoxins. 1,000 peer reviewed studies on vaccinations and their effects were read and reviewed by Publisher / Author Jeff Prager.  His conclusions should shock anyone who has had vaccinations and become ill. Are you considering having vaccinations or inoculating your children? Prager thoroughly researched the academic research papers on vaccinations by some of the most prominent and recognised medical professionals, scientists and researchers from around the world.  They include Dr. Christopher Exley, one of the worlds leading experts on Aluminium. There are a couple of questions that I will … Continue reading

Mercury in Fish (& How Safe is it to Eat?)

Mercury in Fish – Is fish still safe to eat? Mercury toxicity in fish is now fairly common knowledge but how toxic is our fish and should we still be eating it? Headlines like “40% of U.S. imported fish tested positive for banned drugs” makes it hard to know which fish is safe to eat. Below I have provided a list of Mercury in fish levels and the amounts it’s safe to eat. With radiation from the 2011 Fukishima Nuclear disaster in Japan also entering into the mix, along with the already known pollutants, … Continue reading

Thimerosal, Autism and the Center for Disease Control

The Thimerosal in vaccinations controversy is not likely to go away any time soon. Following on from my blog post in March this year about Mercury Thimerosal, it’s not often that the controversy about thimerosal, autism and a Government cover up get to see the full light of day in mainstream media. But that is what happened earlier this month when it was divulged on Yahoo Finance that the U.S. Center for Disease Control had “fudged” their own research to hide the fact that mercury thimerosal in vaccinations – given to millions of children … Continue reading

Clinoptilolite Zeolites – How To Detox Your Body

Why using Clinoptilolite Zeolites is an effective way of detoxing chemicals and heavy metals. It is sobering to realise that there are now 70,000 man made chemicals in the environment that weren’t there 100 years ago. According to reports from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the average person now has 212 environmental chemicals in their blood. This list also includes the toxic metals: Mercury, Lead, Cadmium, Aluminium along with plastic byproducts – none of which are obviously supposed to be there. Industrialisation and the pollution it has wreaked upon our environments means the … Continue reading

Mercury Thimerosal Toxicity and Autism

There’s been a lot of controversy about the issue of mercury thimerosal and mercury dental amalgam fillings (silver fillings). Thimerosal is the mercury based preservative that contains ethylmercury and prevents dangerous contamination of large volumes of vaccine used in inoculations and vaccinations. Mercury thimerosal has now largely been replaced with liquid aluminium. Let’s be clear: Mercury is a known neurotoxin. That is, a toxin that is poisonous to nerve cells / nerve membranes. Even as far back as a few hundred years ago the effects of mercury toxicity were known: The expression “Mad as … Continue reading

Candida Overgrowth and Heavy Metals

I read an article about Candida Overgrowth and Heavy Metals. In it the author claims there is no link between a candida overgrowth and the presence of heavy metals. It’s a pity that this level of misinformation finds it’s way to the first page of Google search results. The article is poorly researched, littered with grammatical errors and has a number of glaring errors. I disagree with it’s conclusions. The article excerpts are written in italics below. Colloidal Silver Firstly when talking about heavy metals there is the contention that and I’m paraphrasing here: … Continue reading

9 Ways To Chelate Chemicals & Heavy Metals


In order to chelate (key-late) chemicals and heavy metals you will need to decide upon which chelation method is best suited to your needs. Professional medical supervision is strictly advised and I do not endorse the taking of heavy metal chelators without such supervision, or for the purposes of clearing arterial plaque. The word chelate comes from the Greek word “claw” and chelation therapy is the process where heavy metal ions (molecules) are encircled and bound to the chelating agent. The agent then mobilises the heavy metal ions, transporting them through the bodies usual … Continue reading

Are Urine Challenge Tests a Con?

Urine Challenge Tests I read an article on Quackwatch on Urine Challenge Tests where the author states that people are incorrectly told that they have high levels of mercury, lead or other heavy metals after doing Urine Challenge Tests (using a heavy metal chelator like DMPS) and that they should detoxify them. It is also stated that there is an issue with testing for heavy metals using urine challenge test because the results after provocation with DMPS are then compared to the unprovoked test reference ranges before the DMPS was taken to provoke … Continue reading

Which Chelating Agent Should I Use?

There are many different chelating agents (key-late-ing) available that can help to remove heavy metals.  If you have tested positive you’ll need to understand which ones are best suited to your needs and How to Chelate them in a safe and effective way. Some chelating agents are 100% organic and natural whilst others are synthetic and chemically derived.  Each of them have different considerations that need to be taken into account when choosing a chelation agent. The safety, speed and effectiveness with which chelating agents remove heavy metals from the body are the main … Continue reading

Heavy Metals Found in Wine – 50 X’s More Toxic Than Levels Found In Fish

Heavy Metals Found in Wine – U.K. University of Kingston, study shows. There is a wine industry secret that has gained scant public attention. I wrote about this problem in my book back in 2004. U.K. researchers at the University of Kingston researched the levels of heavy metals found in wine and discovered very high levels of toxic heavy metals. How high is high and what risks does drinking a glass of wine each night with your meal pose? Target hazard quotients (THQ) were designed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to determine safe levels … Continue reading