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Which Chelating Agent Should I Use?

Last updated on July 11, 2019

Chelating Agent Test Tubes
There are many different chelating agents (key-late-ing) available that can help to remove heavy metals.  If you have tested positive you’ll need to understand which ones are best suited to your needs and How to Chelate them in a safe and effective way.

Some chelating agents are 100% organic and natural whilst others are synthetic and chemically derived.  Each of them have different considerations that need to be taken into account when choosing a chelation agent.

The safety, speed and effectiveness with which chelating agents remove heavy metals from the body are the main considerations.

From my own personal experience I had always been concerned with whether the chelating agent was natural or not and not how effective they were at removing metals.  It is only after years of trying different chelation procedures that I feel qualified to be able to share my insights with you.

I initially was first tested for heavy metals in the early 1990’s by a reputable London laboratory.  The blood tests showed “minute” amounts of mercury and nothing else.  I was told that heavy metals were not the cause of my health issues (fatigue, chronic allergies, abdominal cramps.)

A decade went by where I tried one health therapy after another but nothing made much difference to my health apart from a parasite cleanse which made me feel very ill initially but eliminated my food, or rather I should say my sugar cravings.

After having an unpleasant series of side effects due to taking English Herbal remedies in the late 1990’s I changed healthcare practitioner and started seeing a Harley Street ex G.P. and now alternative health practitioner.

I had a hair mineral analysis test done as standard procedure and was concerned to find that when the tests came back they showed:  Elevated mercury and more significantly lead, which was quite literally off the charts and beyond the bar graph of their test!

I was fortunate in one respect, because despite the unpleasant effects of the English Detox herbs which included extreme fatigue and visual impairments, they had at least managed to push the toxic metals out of my cells and into my hair.

Fat cells of the brain, nervous and hormonal system, liver, kidneys, gall bladder and gut are all where heavy metals typically get sequestered or retained – the brain for example is 60% lipid.  The only problem was that I then spent years undertaking ineffective procedures to remove them, including homeopathics, bentonite clay and vitamins.  Vitamins are still important but not the main treatment for heavy metal and chemical toxicity removal.

By 2004 after five years of getting not very far, I gave up seeing the Harley Street practitioner and moved out of London.  Through this move I came across contacts who put me in touch with (ironically) a London based nutritionist who was an expert at removing heavy metals.

Chelating Agents and Methods I Used:

  • High fats, low carb, (H.F.L.C.), high protein, detox protocol
  • Vitamin and Mineral Supplements
  • Cilantro, Chlorella and Wheatgrass (until I couldn’t bear the smell anymore!)
  • Zeolites – Pure Body Extra Strength – a natural and highly effective chelator.
  • E.D.T.A. (briefly)

I made more progress on this regime just in the first few months than I had made in 15 years trying all the things I’ve already mentioned (see Home page).  I did the detox strictly for about 5 months and then carried on with a maintenance level of supplements, whilst relaxing the low carbohydrate diet I was on.

Even after two years my nutritionists Best Machine test (£20,000 of software) still showed the heavy metal, lead, on her test.  The mercury no longer showed up. I decided to also then undertake a week of intravenous (I.V.) glutathione pushes.  Glutathione is derived from amino acids which are the building blocks of proteins and produced naturally by the body as a powerful detoxifier.

However after getting to a point with my health where I considered myself cured – My health no longer stopped me doing anything – I was curious and decided to take another hair test.  I was surprised to see a miniscule trace of lead still showing.

What does this say about the H.F.L.C. diet and chelating agent methods I used?  (Note: E.D.T.A. is synthetic chelating agent I have used).  Well clearly they worked in the overall sense of getting my health right, but is it even physically possible to use a chelating agent that will eliminate all heavy metals in the body?

I think it becomes the case due to the constant exposure to toxins (air pollution, foods, household products) where you may need to use a chelating agent and do periodic cleanses to keep on top of your health as best you can.  After all you put your car through regular services don’t you?

Click here for detailed advice on How to Chelate Heavy Metals.


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  1. Linda Lee Linda Lee October 18, 2017

    I have read a lot about low carb high fat diets. Most people attribute their healing benefits to ketosis. Just curious what diet you followed (percentage of carbs, fats, proteins)?

    • Ian Solley Ian Solley Post author | November 21, 2017

      Hi Linda, I followed a low carb, high protein, high fats diet. The purpose here is to burn off fat cells (gut, liver etc) which is where heavy metal toxins accumulate in the body. Percentage wise you need to be eating no more than 30% carbs for a traditional Atkins type diet. I have known people to go as high as deriving 80% of their calories from fats. Please seek a professional medical practitioner/nutritionist to work out what diet is best suited to your needs.

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