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Mercury Thimerosal Toxicity and Autism

Last updated on July 11, 2019

Mercury ThimerosalThere’s been a lot of controversy about the issue of mercury thimerosal and mercury dental amalgam fillings (silver fillings).

Thimerosal is the mercury based preservative that contains ethylmercury and prevents dangerous contamination of large volumes of vaccine used in inoculations and vaccinations.

Mercury thimerosal has now largely been replaced with liquid aluminium.

Let’s be clear: Mercury is a known neurotoxin. That is, a toxin that is poisonous to nerve cells / nerve membranes.

Even as far back as a few hundred years ago the effects of mercury toxicity were known: The expression “Mad as a Hatter” originated because hatters suffered the side effects from the prolonged use of mercury in the manufacture of felt hats. The poisonous fumes from the mercurous nitrate turned them mad.

Dental amalgams contain as much as 50% toxic mercury. Yet mercury toxicity from dental amalgams is still not recognised as a factor in chronic health conditions within the established medical community. Instead it’s simply being “phased out” of use in dentistry by legislators in most Westernised countries!

How people “cope” with mercury toxicity or any other heavy metal will depend upon a number of factors, including amongst other things, their age, genetic ability to excrete heavy metals, viral and other pathogenic load, diet and physical fitness.

Firstly it needs to be stated that there is no “No Observable Effect Level” with mercury. That means that even a 1 mcg (1/1000th of a gram) exposure produces toxic effects in the body. The activity of bacteria on mercury converts it into methyl mercury – this is a far more toxic form that is easily transported and stored in the body.

Take a moment to see the effects of mercury toxicity from a DVD that I own:

This following video from the University of Calgary was shown during Congressional hearings on the use of thimerosal preservative which contains mercury used in vaccinations. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention being held accountable for the removal of mercury thimerosal since 2001 in all vaccinations except multi vial flu for children:

Mercury Toxicity Causes Pathogen Overload

The liver, gall bladder and gastro-intestinal tract can become overloaded with toxins – such as heavy metals and chemicals. Chemicals disrupt our hormonal (endocrine) systems. This then allows secondary health issues from pathogen build up. Pathogens include, parasites, viruses, candida yeasts and bad bacteria (the unhealthy type that thrive in oxygen starved overly acidic environments).

These organisms impact immune system functioning producing many varied symptoms and inflammatory immune responses including, Fatigue, Allergies, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, and Irritable Bowel.

Mercury toxicity from inoculations and amalgam fillings damage any cell wall it comes into contact with. Typically healthy metals like for example zinc and magnesium are “knocked” off or lost from the cell walls receptor sites as toxic metal ions or molecules “plug” these gaps. Other heavy metals like aluminium, cadmium and lead for example, also disrupt cell membrane functioning.

Mercury Thimerosal Toxicity, Autism and Infants

We have to question why we are now seeing increasing numbers of infants being born with allergies, yeast infections, attention deficit disorders and autism. (I also hear about these cases both from the nutritionist I saw in London and from emails I get from around the world).

Autism affects more than 1% of the adult and child population or 690,000 people in the UK, (Baird G. et al., 2006). In America the figure for children only, excluding adults, is 1 in 88, or 1.1%. The figure used to be 1 in 10,000. We are witnessing an epidemic.

Controversy over the mercury thimerosal within vaccinations is well founded. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has admitted the link between the thimerosal and Autism exists. This was the conclusion of a phase 1 study. But not before the CDC first rejected 100 Freedom of Information Act requests made by Dr Brian Hooker over a 10 year period. Further testing of a link between mercury thimerosal and autism in phase 2 of the study proved “inconclusive.”

The lead scientist of the study then finished his work with the CDC and went on to work for GlaxoSmithKline pharmaceuticals. Conspiracy theorists and the anti-vaccine lobby cried “Foul.” Accusations that Big Pharma have previously cherry picked studies for their own benefit (i.e. conducted many trials/studies only to dismiss the ones that are counter to their own interests), have been made. I don’t know if this was the case here.

Here are posts from both sides of the argument.

For the link between Mercury Thimerosal and Autism:

Note until very recently mainstream media has paid little attention to this story but more can be found here: CDC-Caught-Hiding-Data-Showing-Mercury-in-Vaccines-Linked-to-Autism

A further 30 studies have confirmed the link between autism and mercury thimerosal – Please see:

Thimerosal containing ethylmercury destroys nerve cells whilst creating an immune system inflammatory response in the Central Nervous System, Brain and Gut.

Professor Dr. I. Gerhardt at the University of Heidelberg Women’s Clinic conducted a large scientific study on the contamination effects off mercury toxicity found in amalgam dental fillings. The results showed that the more amalgam the mother had in her mouth, the higher was the concentration of mercury in the mother’s breast milk.

Mercury has been shown to transfer from the womb to the offspring and concentrations in the brain, gut and liver of the offspring have been found to be 4x’s the concentrations found in the mother.

What this means is that there is a concentrated accumulation effect so that for any amount of mercury that is transferred to the offspring from the mother, the offspring stores it in higher concentrations.

Counter arguments showing no link between Mercury Thimerosal and Autism:




For the answer as to why we are experiencing the epidemic of autism cases?

I believe the truth lies somewhere between the increasing toxicity of our environment with industrial pollution, heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides use, genetically modified foods AND the interaction of these elements with our own genes.

Over the years I have received email from people who’s own health or that of their childs’ has been ruined after receiving inoculations… a scary proposition when faced with compulsory inoculation programs for children.

Dental Amalgam Removal

Removing mercury amalgam fillings does not address prior long term and low level mercury toxicity and exposure as it will not address the issue of past leakage and mercury toxicity. That is why people can report little difference in their health after removal.

I personally didn’t notice any significant change in my health after having my mercury amalgams removed but some people do report feeling the benefit shortly (within days) after removal.

I would always advise taking out a single small filling first and waiting a week or two to make sure that you don’t aggravate symptoms. This maybe due to incorrect removal procedures and ingestion of part of the filling increasing mercury toxicity in the body. Always use a dentist experienced in this type of work. If they don’t use a dental dam I would look elsewhere.

I would also not advise taking cilantro tinctures to remove mercury toxicity whilst you still have amalgam fillings in place.

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