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Yeast Infection Causes

Last updated on July 13, 2019

Yeast Infection CausesYeast Infection Causes or Why Heavy Metals are the Reason You Can’t Beat Your Persistent Candida Yeast Infection.

There are plenty of sites on the web that will give you the typical yeast infection causes:  Antibiotics misuse, hormonal changes, immune system issues, stress and diet, etc.

However if you’ve suffered with long term candida yeast problems that you’ve been unable to cure then it may be worth considering heavy metals toxicity.

So what do heavy metals have to do with yeast infection causes?  To answer that please read an email I sent to someone who wrote to me about problems with heavy metals toxicity and candida yeast (my bold and italic emphasis for the the purposes of this blog).


Hi Jeremy,

It’s most likely heavy metal toxins or the waste products from the candida yeast, (I was referring to the cause of Jeremy’s brain fog) which means in any case you chase the heavy metals and detox these and not the candida.

From my own personal experience I recommend the use of the phos chol to be taken daily and for the liver flushes, along with butyrate and coffee enemas.  The phos chol repairs the cell membranes and more specifically emulsifies the sludge in the liver and the gall – bladder.  All of this will aid the release of metal ions that attach themselves to the bile in the gall – bladder. Cilantro and chlorella also help.

You will also need to do small and frequent dosing of heavy metals chelators like DMSA or EDTA in oral or suppository form along with taking the anti-oxidant, alpha lipoic acid.

Based on my own experience and on the research I’ve done on yeast infection causes, the above methods are an effective way of dealing with heavy metals without damaging tissue – as is the case with strong intravenous (I.V.) chelation procedures.  Please see my blog post: How to Chelate.

Yeast Infection Causes & Heavy Metals

It is the heavy metals that are the root cause behind your persistent candida (and other pathogen) infections.

To best illustrate this please read the following story about a micro-biologist who phoned me one day to congratulate me on my report because everything that I had written about had been confirmed by him through self administered blood tests!

He had suffered with candida yeast and heavy metals toxicity for years.  Whilst undergoing an aggressive 18 months of I.V. EDTA chelation procedures (NOT recommended) after each session of I.V. EDTA chelation he would go home and measure his blood levels for toxic heavy metals and candida yeast.

What the micro-biologist discovered is what I have written about:  Heavy metals restrain the activity of pathogens.  Pathogens (candida yeast, parasites, bad bacteria and viruses), act as a “buffer” and help protect the body from toxic heavy metals. The pathogens become bound synergistically with the heavy metals, whether in the gut, brain or other body tissues.  Without heavy metals you wouldn’t have the persistent candida yeast infection.

So, for example, as you remove the heavy metals from the body the metabolite activity from a pathogen, like candida will actually flare up and increase initially before subsiding making you feel temporarily worse after each chelation procedure.  For example, you may become more tired, spacy headed or get a mild stomach upset or muscle aches and a headache.

(Note readers: This was my experience as well. The first time I undertook EDTA chelation I was exhausted for a couple of days.  Each subsequent treatment got slightly better as the heavy metals decreased and the yeast levels began to stay low.)

Tests show Heavy Metals Link to Candida Overgrowths

The micro-biologist found that straight after each dose of I.V. EDTA he would initially see lower heavy metals readings and much higher levels of candida metabolytes (yeast activity) in the blood – which would then reverse over a week or so that the heavy metals would start to reappear in his test results as the candida metabolytes would decrease but remain high.  He would then go and do more I.V. chelation.

In the end he did 25 x I.V. chelations — but by this stage his mouth was so full of ulcers from the heavy metal release he couldn’t eat for a week…  The I.V. delivered too much EDTA – too high a dose – too fast and made him feel very ill.

However finally his blood test results only showed trace levels of heavy metals and the candida metabolyes remained at low levels. (90% of the population have low level candida yeast activity that does not pose a health threat).

Note: Liquid minerals are essential for heavy metals detoxing as they allow the body to release  heavy metal ions.  Make sure your mineral base is well established before and during the use of chelators as chelation therapy pulls the good minerals and metals out of the body – like iron, chromium and magnesium – as well as the toxic metals such as lead, cadmium and mercury.

A high protein, low glycemic index diet is important too as it will increase the output of glutathione, the bodies own powerful natural detoxifier.

Recently the nutritionist I had seen, switched to using the Finchley Clinic’s: “Orea Zeolites” heavy metals chelator rather than EDTA. She thinks zeolites are one of the best products she has come across in the past 30 years. There is a lot of research on the web site link given below. This is also because some people may find EDTA and DMSA chelation too strong and draining even at lower doses.

NOTE: Please consult with a professional nutritionist if using the heavy metals chelators:  DMSA and EDTA and if necessary take half or third of the amount recommended to see if it suits your situation.  I hope now you have a better understanding of the main Yeast Infection Causes, namely Heavy Metals Toxicity.  I have no financial relationships with any health companies.

Click here for detailed advice on How to Chelate Heavy Metals.


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  1. Jeremiah Jeremiah December 21, 2020

    Hello Ian,
    I have had a persistent Candida infection for about 23 years now. I thought it was due to high antibiotic use for about 2 years because of a car accident. But now I am thinking otherwise. After my car wreck I developed psoriasis, and the candida infection started. I am now almost 44 and guess what it is still with me. I cant really remember but I had all my amalgams removed somewhere in my early 20’s and they were not removed according to the right protocols. I am sure that I experienced some level of mercury toxicity. I also worked in a dental office also in my mid 20’s and was also exposed to mercury. I have had nagging brain fog, anxiety, depression, agitation, fear, and addiction problems. Do you think that this could be all due to mercury toxicity? If so, what is the best way to test for heavy metals? Is it hair, urine, or blood? Thank you and god bless.

    • Ian Solley Ian Solley Post author | December 22, 2020

      Hi Jeremiah, yes, without removing the heavy metals which is the underlying root cause of pathogen overload, it is hard to get on top of these types of infection.
      The nutritionist I saw is always looking for better chelation products and now recommends this:
      (The nutritionist, nor I, have no financial relationship with the company). I would do this in conjunction with the high protein, high fats, low carb diet, minerals and vitamin supplements (according to test results showing any deficiencies) and intermittent fasting, which can be a very powerful detoxifier.

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