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Symptoms & Sources of Heavy Metals

Symptoms & Sources of Heavy Metals – Page Index:

  1. Heavy Metals Detox – My Story
  2. Heavy Metals Detox – Symptoms of Heavy Metals
  3. Heavy Metals Detox – Sources of Heavy Metals
  4. Heavy Metals Detox – Accumulation Sites in the Body
  5. Heavy Metals Detox – How and Why the Detox Works
  6. Heavy Metals Detox – Important Note On Detoxing
  7. Heavy Metals Detox – My Detox Experiences
  8. Eliminating Toxic Overload Safely – Reader Feedback
  9. Eliminating Toxic Overload Safely eBook – Chapter Contents
  10. Heavy Metals Detox – Order Detox eBook

1) Heavy Metals Detox – My Story in Brief

After giving up on my local doctor who mis-diagnosed me with “Post Viral Fatigue,” I tried complementary medicine – I did a mercury blood test in 1990 but that showed I had a “safe level” of mercury – 3 parts per million. This ignores the nature in which this highly toxic metal is stored in the body – and unfortunately therefore I didn’t undertake a heavy metals detox and many of my symptoms remained… brain fog, fatigue, digestive disorders.

By 2003, after 6 years of doing health protocols and “detoxing” heavy metals since 2000, I stopped going to my Harley Street alternative health doctor because I’d seen little change in my toxicity levels.

The “alternative” ways of diagnosing and eliminating heavy metal toxicity didn’t work. They included:

  • Ineffective Chelation Procedures
  • Clay Powder Colon Cleanses
  • Herbs; Homeopathics

My efforts to regain my health continually resulted in little progress being made.
I would just simply give up trying, often for years. The fear of trusting in some new health regime that would then let me down was overwhelming. Little did I guess that I would not only solve the problem, but also write about my experiences.

In 2004, after endless ineffective treatments, I embarked on a Heavy Metal Detox Program that changed my life. Fortunately I found one of England’s top specialists on chemical and heavy metal toxicity and detoxing.

The nutritionist based her practices on a U. S. researcher with a Ph.D. who implemented the low carbohydrate, high fats (L.C.H.F.) protocol that’s so prevalent today. The program took three months of intense detoxing and then another few years at maintenance levels.

Combining this L.C.H.F. and high protein detox with vitamin and mineral supplements and specific heavy metals chelators, she has been able to help people like myself when most typical G.P.’s/M.D.’s were at a loss.

The full detox program uses diet and supplements. The diet allows you to burn off fats cells (where the toxins are stored) and repair cell membranes, improving brain / liver / gut and immune function.

Having tried a synthetic (man made) EDTA detox and felt dreadful on it, I personally would recommend using safe and effective natural clinoptilolite zeolites as part of your detox program. Clinoptilolite zeolites are microporous silca and alumina based minerals that have a lattice like framework with positively charged metal ions that attach to and remove toxic heavy metals like, mercury, aluminium, lead and cadmium. Using natural chelators like zeolites are safe and will avoid any unpleasant heavy metal detox symptoms. Please see: Section 7: Important Notes on Detoxing further below.

The first noticeable changes as I started doing the heavy metals detox were that my poor concentration started to improve along with the brain fog. All within the first month. After 15 years of terrible concentration problems this was of huge significance and confirmed that I was on the right path.

Within a couple of months of doing this detox my energy and health were so improved that it began to change my life and I began writing about the detox.

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2) Heavy Metals Detox – Symptoms of Heavy Metals:

What Kind of Health Problems Does Heavy Metal Toxicity Create?

The ingestion of toxic metals destroys brain tissue and nerve cells by increasing cellular membrane permeability. This allows for the leakage of nutrients out of the cells, it inhibits enzyme production, causes excessive free radical production and decreases cellular energy; Chromosomal damage and genetic alterations; Hormonal problems; Damage to T-cell production and immune system functioning.

This last factor opens the gateway for all kinds of problems in the body – viral, parasitic and bacterial. With the bodies defense mechanisms impaired the body cannot efficiently eliminate toxins.

Some of the health implications of Heavy Metals Toxicity include:

  • Abdominal Pain
  • Allergies
  • Angina
  • Blurred Vision
Breath – Shortness of
Chemical Sensitivities
Concentration Problems – Difficulty assimilating new knowledge
  • Disorientation
  • Dry Skin
Eyesight Problems – Sensitivity to bright light, night blindness
  • Fatigue
Hair Loss
  • Joint Aches and or Pains in Muscles
  • Liver Damage – incorrect Expression of Fats in Cell Walls
Loss of Appetite
  • Low Blood Pressure
Memory Loss
  • Metallic Taste in Mouth
  • Migraines
  • Nausea
Nerve Disorders
  • Numbness
  • Neurological Disorders
Panic, Rage, Depression, Strange Thougth Patterns
Protein and or Sugar in Urine
  • Sinus – Chronic Congestion
Skin problems – Crawling Sensation
  • Speech – Word Fnding Difficulty
Throat – Soar
  • Teeth Grinding
  • Tumours
Vitamin and 
Mineral Deficiencies – Heavy Metals compete with minerals for absorption
  • Vomiting

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3) Heavy Metals Detox – Sources of Chemical & Heavy Metals:

Sources of Heavy Metals

The presence of Chemical and Heavy Metal Toxicity is one of the most under-estimated and unrecognized causal factors behind a host of unexplained and typically long term health problems.

I now know that heavy metals, such as Mercury from amalgam fillings and Lead were the main causal factors in my ill health. Research suggests these metals along with metals such as silver, cadmium and aluminium, are also the determining factors in illnesses as diverse as: M.E., Parkinson’s, Fibromyalgia, Autism and Alzheimers.

We are all exposed to chemical and heavy metal toxicity on a daily basis, from the foods we eat (e.g. from pesticides, herbicides etc), the air we breath, to the products, furnishings we have in our homes and offices.

Combine this with our own levels of exposure to pathogens and this will determine whether we get sick or not.

Commonest Sources of Heavy Metal Toxicity:

  • Amalgam Dental Fillings (mercury)
  • Inoculations/Vaccinations: Liquid aluminium is also used as an alternative to thimerosal (mercury based compound – It is used as a preservative and because it boosts the immune response to the antigen that you are trying to build anti bodies to and reduces the cost to the manufacturer)
  • Cans (drinks) / Cookware (aluminium, copper)
  • Food / Drinks: Fish can be toxic particularly larger chain fish (lead)
  • Commercial Meats (aluminium)
  • Fungicides, pesticides.
  • Air (lead, cadmium)
  • Household Products: Deodorants (aluminium), cosmetics, hair dyes, fabric softeners, flame retardants in upholstery, wood preservatives, paints and polishes (varied heavy metals)
  • Industry: Fishing, forestry, mining, (petro) chemicals, pharmaceuticals, electronics.

The root of my heavy metal toxicity can be traced back to my late teens working holiday jobs in construction and painting & decorating. I’d burn off lead based paints using gas guns without any protection (no breathing mask), exposing myself to toxins, paints and various chemicals.

The toxicity that resulted was eventually discovered in a heavy metals test that I took. The metal: lead, was literally off the charts! This, along with a mouthful of mercury amalgams, weakened my immunity to pathogens (yeasts, parasites, bad bacteria and viruses).

This is where the confusion comes about chronic fatigue symptoms: The pathogens are blamed for the illness when the root of the problem is actually immune system misfunction caused by chemical and heavy metals toxicity.

The effects of bacteria in the mouth acting on mercury fillings can be observed in the video posted above towards the top of this page.

I often hear from people who have had the results of their heavy metals tests back and can’t understand why they’ve tested positive to, for example, arsenic or lead. My first response is to ask them if they’ve worked in the printing, electronics, building or chemical industries.

Brain fog is a debilitating symptom of pathogen overload. The liver struggles to cope with waste toxins generated by the activity of high levels of pathogens (yeasts, parasites, bad bacteria and viruses) in the body.

Pathogens only get a foothold because of a compromised immune system.

Brain fog can also be caused by high levels of ammonia released from undigested protein in the diet due to high pathogen activity. Taking hydrochloric acid (HCL) digestive enzymes can help whilst detoxing.

4) Heavy Metals Detox – Accumulation Sites in the Body:

Arsenic (ingested or inhaled) is extremely toxic and found in it’s heaviest concentrations in the liver, stomach, intestines and kidneys. Four times as toxic as mercury, it targets the blood, skin, heart, liver, bladders, kidneys and lungs.

Cadmium (ingested or inhaled) like arsenic, cadmium is also extremely toxic and is more efficiently absorbed through the lungs than via the gut. It tends to be bound with red blood cells and accumulates in the adrenal glands, kidneys and liver as well as the cardiovascular and nervous system.

Lead (inhaled) is mainly absorbed directly into the blood where it’s circulated and distributed primarily in the soft tissues – kidneys, brain and muscle – and bone.

Aluminium tends to accumulate in the brain, muscles, liver, kidneys, lungs, reproductive organs, stomach, skin and bones.

Copper absorption can occur through the lungs, G.I. tract and the skin.
Once absorbed, copper is distributed primarily to the liver, kidneys, spleen, heart, lungs, stomach, intestines, nails, and hair.

Mercury (organic) is absorbed from the G.I. tract where it is distributed throughout the body but it tends to concentrate mainly in the brain and kidneys.

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5) How Does the Detox Work?

  • Diet: Low carbohydrate. This causes the body to burn off fat cells and release the toxins within. The diet has been scientifically proven to increase the natural level of glutathione output (powerful body detoxifier) and also significantly reduces insulin levels in the blood which in turn effects hormone functioning and improves immune response.
  • Cellular Cleansing: The detox uses a high amount of fats (supplements/food) which eliminate toxins and repairs the fatty composition of the cell walls. This includes, importantly, the cells of the brain, liver, gall bladder and gastro-intestinal tract where heavy metals and chemicals are stored. It is the overload of toxins that compromises the immune system and create a myriad of health problems.
  • Pathogens: Yeasts, parasites, bad bacteria and viruses are a SYMPTOM of heavy metals and chemical toxicity and a compromised immune system. It is more effective to treat the Root Cause and not the Symptom health problems.
  • Cell Membrane Repair: An Essential Fatty Acids profile test confirmed the incorrect expression of fats in my cell walls, (despite my basic liver functioning tests coming back “all clear.”) Repair of the bi-lipid membrane (walls) of our cells with the correct lipid (fat) balance is vital. The process replaces damaged, saturated long chain fatty acids – i.e. those fats that are rigid and inhibit the release of toxins on a cellular level – with the correct balance of fats. Once this is done the body is able to release it’s toxic load FAR FASTER compared to any supplement I got from doctors in Harley Street.
  • Effective Chelation: Using supplements that bind to toxins allows them to be effectively and safely transported from the body. Clinoptilolite zeolites offer the most safe and effective way of detoxing toxic heavy metals from the body.

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6) Heavy Metals Detox – Important Note On Detoxing:

1) Chelation Therapy: Some synthetic heavy metals metal detox agents if not correctly administered in the correct quantities can cause harm to the kidneys or more serious health injury. Fatalities have been recorded.

Correct I.V. chelation involves the intravenous injection of safe amounts of a substance that binds with metal ions stored in the body. These metals are then transported out of the body via the urine and stool. The success of such procedures is dependent upon the strength of the chelators bond with the metal ions. Damage can result to tissue if metals ions are dumped and re-absorbed before they have exited the body.

As far as the most serious heavy metal detox symptoms that you can experience, a herbalist in London once told me about a patient who had damaged their kidneys permanently by taking very strong doses of a chelating agent. The microbiologist I mentioned above, used DMPS chelation. In his case he had taken smaller doses but had taken them regularly over a short period of time resulting in his mouth becoming so full of mouth ulcers that his gums bled and he unable to eat properly for weeks. I have emails relating similar experiences.

It is safer and more effective to use chelation products that establish a stable bond – bonds that completely encompass any metal ions. I personally have experienced harsh heavy metals detox symptoms – including, but not limited to visual disturbances, disorientation, dizzyness and fatigue.

It is always better to chelate with lower doses over a longer time frame and use natural chelators like clinoptilolite zeolites.

2) Liver Flushes: Care should also be taken when using epsom salt liver flushes. The bile ducts and billary tree can become blocked with gallstones and sludge. The liver flushes described here focus on the repair of cell membranes (liver and gall bladder and the biliary tree), which in turn enables toxins to be released far more effectively.

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7) Heavy Metals Detox – My Detox Experiences

The idea that there is some magic bullet or miracle solution to overcoming:

  • Chemical and Heavy Metal Toxicity which causes:
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Chronic Allergies
  • Multiple Chemical Sensitivities
  • Candida Yeast Infections
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome

…is a fallacy. It will take resolve and determination and it can be tough going.

“My own heavy metals detox and recovery was characterised by brief periods of intense lethargy, headaches and low mood. This is always a sign that the body is struggling with heavy metals, chemicals and pathogens as fast as they are being released.”

I would have to slow down or stop what I was taking and then re-continue the protocol. My first liver flush resulted in the release of toxins that made me feel very spaced out for a couple of days! However with subsequent flushes such reactions became less and less.

The detox is not a quick fix health solution although significant improvements can be made in short periods of time. However even after two years I still tested positive for the heavy metal: lead, albeit at minute levels compared to my first “off the chart” test. By this stage my health had improved significantly to the point where I could function normally as I had before the illness.

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8) Reader Feedback – What People Are Saying About the eBook:

I have just downloaded your book and have found it fascinating and well written. I am a qualified Doctor who is getting desperate. I have had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome CFS for over 2 years now, with short lived periods before that but it is my gut that seems to cause all the problems. I am constipated, bloated, have developed too many food intolerances, suffer with headaches and have that vague ‘disinterested in life’ feeling. I have had periods when i have been much better….I have colonics regularly that help and when I am on various herbs (capyillic acid, olive leaf and oil of oregano) i have improved dramatically. However, it is all too short lived and eventually my symptoms return.

Thank you. Regards

Caroline Bates, (G.P/Doctor), London, U.K.

This is a comprehensive and very well researched book. It helped me understand that my body is capable of both producing and ingesting enough toxic chemicals to cause my health problems. I am therefore profoundly grateful to the author for writing it. I am sure it will help many people.

Peter Wayne, Holland.


Hello and Thank You!!! I received your ebook and read it through. It is very dense with useful information and it is glaringly obvious that you’ve done a lot of work. I myself am on a mission to get these stupid amalgams out of my mouth after suffering from chronic A to Z ailments for the past sixteen years of my life. I’m thirty – that means half of my life experience has been subjugated to the effects of mercury and what was worse during all of this was that I never knew what was happening. But because of people like you now I do know and so again, I thank you.

Bo (Toronto, Ontario Canada)

Re: You have saved my life – almost literally!

Hi Ian,

Well it’s several months since I read the ebook, and my life has changed considerably.Your ebook was the catalyst for my recovery. Your input was fantastic, a total revelation to a guy stumbling about in ill-health getting worse and worse. Thank you! You really did give me light at the end of the tunnel.


Marcus, Malmesbury U.K.

More Feedback on “Eliminating Toxic Overload Safely” – Here

Readers Successes:

I had suffered with CFS for over two years. I had visited every naturopath, physician, nutritionalist possible and spent well over £10,000, all to no avail.

I was at the point of giving up….it had affected my work and my relationship and i was now so low that I could no longer see a future for myself. I so longed for the days when I didn’t wake with that heavy, headache ill feeling…..hope was fading. In a last effort I started surfing the net and came across Ian’s ebook……it was like reading about myself, only this guy was better!! Living a normal life again!

I found the book very informative and knowledgeable am a medical practitioner and found it’s content well researched and accurate. Most importantly, it gave me hope….. I got in touch with Ian and saw his nutritionalist who put me on the detox and I’m feeling the best I have in years! Without Ian’s ebook, I dread to think where I might be today. I’m certainly very grateful

Caroline Bates, (G.P./Doctor) London U.K.

Hi Ian,

Thank you so much for your book, I have, so far, stabalized my rheumatoid arthritis symptoms so they don’t keep yo yoing and then reduced them to half what they were.


Your ebook is the most complete, most informative, and easiest to understand information that I have ever come across. The more I read, the more I realized that you knew way more than any book or doctor I had ever come across. Your ebook is helping my sister get rid of candida right now. She was convinced that she would have it the rest of her life but with your help she is making incredible progress and it has really changed her attitude. (their emphasis/bold text) Thank you for taking the time to put together such an incredible wealth of information!

Mrs Mc Mahon, Co Dublin

I’d just like to say how happy I am – what a difference, I haven’t felt this good in years. Thank you! It took more than three months but it’s a relief not having to worry about what to eat anymore 🙂

Chrissy M., Brisbane, Australia.

More Feedback on “Eliminating Toxic Overload Safely” – Here

I wrote this web site because I wanted to respond to questions like Kevins’ – please see email above. I grappled with a lot health issues for a long time (15 years) after becoming very ill on a holiday in Turkey. Nothing made much difference. I went for blood tests, colonoscopies, parasite tests, allergy tests.
All the tests were inconclusive! I took on all kinds of health regimes, diets, homeopathy, acupuncture, anti candida supplements, herbs and vitamins.

My health only recovered after finding out and tackling what the cause was.

Ian Solley, Founder
Hertfordshire, England.

The eBook Covers:

Detailed information to allow you to learn about the harmful effects of chemicals and heavy metals and the impact that they have on our hormonal and immune systems.

What tests I thought were the best at determining the presence of heavy metals (very important).

How I detoxed heavy metals and chemicals. I used natural methods without any drugs.

During my heavy metals detox, I began noticing the benefits almost immediately. My energy improved quickly, within the first month as I went on a low glycemic / carb diet and this continued to improve as I started to unburden myself of the heavy metals and the pathogens associated with them. In a few months I begin to feel like a different person.

Sometimes it is natural to experience increased fatigue and discomfort, it can become quite intense – this is known as a healing crisis. This occurs when the body is unable to cope fast enough with the toxins being released. The solution for me was to always slow down or stop detoxing and increase nutritional support.

I genuinely believe the information here will be as useful to you as it had been to me.

Health Problems My Heavy Metals Detox eBook Covers:

  • Chemical and Heavy Metal Toxicity
  • Chronic Fatigue, Lethargy, Tiredness
  • Food Cravings for Alcohol, Sugar, Sweets and Bread (yeast),
  • Candida
  • Itching Skin / Rashes
  • Parasites
  • Dizziness
  • Eczema
  • Chemical Sensitivities to Paint, Perfumes
  • Allergies
  • Headaches
  • Night Sweats
  • Twitching Muscles, Tension, Aches and Pains
  • Bloating and Gas
  • Swollen and/or Inflamed Joints
  • Eyesight Issues – Floaters
  • Low Libido
  • Brain Fog / Spaced Out

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“10) Eliminating Toxic Overload Safely” eBook – Chapter Contents

The eBook has 92 pages:

This is a comprehensive and detailed book on environmental toxicity, pathogens and how to over come your health problems.

Sections 1 & 2 of the eBook discuss how we are exposed to toxins without even realising it and the effects they have upon our bodies. Part 3 looks at what medical tests to take, and Parts 4 and 5 look at how the heavy metals detox works on the body and what you’ll need to take to do one.

eBook Page Index:

Covering; A Comprehensive list of Sources of Chemical and Heavy Metal Toxicity, including a look at problem foods and the symptoms of Chemical and Heavy Metals toxicity. Chemicals, Heavy Metals, Pesticides and Additives in Food and Drink; Bio-Accumulation of Chemicals in Beauty Products and your Home (includes Water Pipes, Flame Retardants, Pesticides, Heavy Metals, Bedding, Solvents and Paints).

6 Environmental Soup
8 Sources of Metals and Chemicals
8 Food and Drink
12 Beauty Products
14 The Home
15 Table of Sources of Metal and Chemical Toxins
18 Symptoms of Metal and Chemical Toxicity


Covering; The Health Conditions Related to Heavy metals and Chemical Toxicity. Chronic Fatigue; Irritable Bowel Syndrome; Parasites & Bacteria; Allergies; Candida Albicans; the relationship between them and why you must tackle the root causes of these conditions to eliminate them.

19 Effects of Chemicals and Metals
20 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
22 Irritable Bowel Syndrome
26 Candida Albicans
29 Bacteria and Parasites
31 Allergies
35 Depression
44 Lipomas

Covering; Mercury Sensitivity Tests. Testing for Chemical Sensitivity.
Heavy Metal Allergy Testing – by a Company with the only scientifically proven test of it’s kind. Blood, Urine Challenge. ELISA Tests and also Hair Mineral Tests and other analysis and with links to web sites.

45 The Medical Industry
46 Complementary Therapies
46 Vitamin Therapies
46 Chinese Herbs
47 Parasite Cleanses
47 The Truth behind those Medical Tests
51 Testing for Heavy Metals


Covering; The Liver and Gall-Bladder, The Kidneys and Adrenal Glands, The Immune System, Anti-oxidants and Nutrition.

55 The Immune System
56 Nutrition
60 The Kidneys
61 The Adrenal Glands
63 The Liver
67 The Gall-bladder
68 The Bowel
68 The Skin, Muscle and Bone


Covering; Cellular Cleansing and Repair and how this addressed the Root Causes of my Health Problems. Diet, Supplement Information, Blood Sugar Swings and Insulin levels, Liver and Gall-Bladder Cleanses, The Glycemic Index of Foods and Lymphatic Drainage.
71 The Detox Protocol
72 The Detox Diet: No More Blood Sugar Swings
75 Supplements
80 What to do NOW
80 Bowel, Liver and Gall-bladder Flushes
82 Parasite Cleanse Maintenance
82 Far Infrared Saunas
82 Deep (Swedish) Massage
82 Lymphatic Drainage Exercise
83 Tips for a Successful Detox
83 Exercise
83 Electromagnetic Pollution


The eBook also covers research on such issues as: studies on flame retardants from fabrics being found in womens’ breast milk and how mercury has been shown to transfer from the womb to the foetus and that concentrations in the brain, gut and liver of the feotus have been found to be 4x’s the concentrations found in the mother.

Improvements in the nutritional base along with the removal of toxic heavy metals and chemicals and the pathogen overload associated with them (e.g. yeasts, parasites, bad bacteria and viruses) is a well established route suggested by many healthcare professionals. What isn’t taken into consideration is just how difficult the process actually is – I know because after 5 years of following the advice of a Harley Street doctor in London, my heavy metals levels didn’t come down.

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