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Mercury Chelation

If you have been over exposed to heavy metals such as mercury then it’s likely that you will be suffering from the negative health implications those elements can cause. How do I know this? Like you, I was subjected to a number of heavy metals for a number of years. As a natural consequence of the line of work I was in I suffered from a range of related illnesses which took years to overcome.

Mercury Chelation therapy is one of the treatments used to help remove heavy metals from the body. Chelation therapy has come under tough review and for good reason: The incorrect dosage of chelating agents can cause even further damage to the body. However, as you will be able to see on my site, I underwent a heavy metals detox protocol that has been thoroughly researched and one that is safe and effective to use.

Via my website you can purchase my very own detox. It’s affordable and full of step-by-step information on how to chelate heavy metals. I am proof that my heavy metals detox programme works. If you have any of the negative symptoms that I experienced from overexposure to heavy metals such as mercury then I am happy to help you.

If you have any questions then you can email me on I will be more than happy to assist you further.

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