Mercury in Fish (& How Safe is it to Eat?)

Mercury in Fish – Is fish still safe to eat? Mercury toxicity in fish is now fairly common knowledge but how toxic is our fish and should we still be eating it? Headlines like “40% of U.S. imported fish tested positive for banned drugs” makes it hard to know which fish is safe to eat. Below I have provided a list of Mercury in fish levels and the amounts it’s safe to eat. With radiation from the 2011 Fukishima Nuclear disaster in Japan also entering into the mix, along with the already known pollutants, … Continue reading

9 Ways To Chelate Chemicals & Heavy Metals


In order to chelate (key-late) chemicals and heavy metals you will need to decide upon which chelation method is best suited to your needs. Professional medical supervision is strictly advised and I do not endorse the taking of heavy metal chelators without such supervision, or for the purposes of clearing arterial plaque. The word chelate comes from the Greek word “claw” and chelation therapy is the process where heavy metal ions (molecules) are encircled and bound to the chelating agent. The agent then mobilises the heavy metal ions, transporting them through the bodies usual … Continue reading